Torstrasse: Melting pot of art, dining and retail therapy

It is difficult to capture the energy of the area around Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte in words: the impressions are so varied, the possibilities so exciting. Torstraße has everything that makes Berlin one of the world’s most colorful and innovative metropolises: a wild mixture of art, culture and culinary delights, lively plazas and quiet parks, buildings new and old, vibrant shops and a bustling start-up scene.
This is also where Berlin’s customs and excise wall stood from the 18th to the mid-19th century. The wall served as a trade barrier and was dotted with customs gates, where excise taxes were levied on imported goods. And it was these gates (German: Tore) that gave the street its name after the fall of the Berlin Wall. From 1951 to 1994, this main thoroughfare had a different name: Wilhelm-Pieck-Straße, in honor of the first president of the GDR.
Because we are sure you will love Torstraße as much as we do, we have put together a little overview of some of the area’s absolute highlights.

There really is no shortage of delicious and exciting culinary delights in the neighborhood around Torstraße. This list could be endlessly long, so we have limited ourselves to our personal favorites.
One of the standouts is Chicago Williams BBQ, which offers a wonderful selection of juicy spare ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and other fleshy delights straight from the smoker. They also have a wide range of classic sides, such as Mac&Cheese and corn bread, along with a number of vegan options, such as eggplant and cauliflower. There really is something for everyone here. The restaurant is on the small side, so you should definitely reserve a table in advance.  
The best falafel in Berlin-Mitte can be found at Dada Falafel – the freshest vegetables, homemade sauces and, naturally, hummus and falafel. It’s like stepping into A Thousand and One Nights!
Right next door to Dada Falafel you’ll find Pho-Noodlebar, home to Vietnamese noodle soup, dumplings and curries. This is the perfect spot to warm your body and soul on a chilly fall day!
Extravagant sushi is on the menu at DUDU at Rosenthaler Platz. DUDU’s delicacies are not only a treat for the eye, they taste incredible too. And if you don’t fancy sushi, why not indulge yourself with grilled salmon or Hokkaido curry? DUDU offers an extremely popular blend of Vietnamese cuisine with influences from Japan and Latin America.
If you think great tapas is only available in Spain then you haven’t sampled the menu at Transit, which has an incredible selection of Thai and Indonesian snacks. And ordering couldn’t be simpler: simply mark the dishes you have selected on a piece of paper. It’s hard not to order one of everything when you see the delightful names of the dishes: Duck in Pajamas, Bali Baby, Ding Dang Dong and many more besides. One thing you won’t find on the menu is bland, boring food!.
If you want to discover Russian cuisine, Gorki Park should definitely be near the top of your list. The 70’s interior creates a truly unique ambience and the vodka menu is, as you would probably expect, outstanding. The food is also great, with a menu that includes Pelmeni, Blini and Boeuf Stroganoff.
If you feel like drinking coffee, you should definitely try The Barn. But beware: Hipster Alarm!

Clubs and Bars

For an evening out, Torstraße has everything your heart could possibly desire. Even if Covid-19 has put a dampener on the area’s nightlife, better times will hopefully return soon enough.
Bravo Bar is certainly one of the neighborhood’s cult venues – party people cram into this bar to let their hair down and dance the night away to a great selection of hits from the 90s and 2000s. You are not only guaranteed to have fun, you are sure to make lots of new friends too.
Kitty Cheng Bar offers a touch more glamor. While you are savoring the R'n'B and cocktails, you might even meet a celebrity or two.
Craft beer fans flock to Mikkeller  for the finest craft beer from Copenhagen and its friendly, casual atmosphere.
If live music and retro flair are what float your boat, then you really should make a beeline for Haus am See .
Or why not treat yourself to an exotic cocktail at the elegant black art deco bar counter in Bonbon-Bar? This classic bar boasts an upscale ambience and is the perfect place for a dignified after-work drink.
If you like it classic, have a look at the Neue Odessa Bar.


High fashion away from the high street – Torstraße really is one of the best places to shop in Berlin-Mitte.
No list of shopping highlights would be complete without The Store x Soho House, home to high-end fashion from world famous designers such as Issey Miyake, Jil Sander and Balenciaga, among others.
Then there’s Soto Store, which is almost as famous for its legendary street parties as it is for its cutting-edge menswear. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.
For vintage eyewear, head to Lunettes – a mecca for spectacle aficionados and everyone who loves glasses.
Pauls Boutique Chapter Mitte  is perfect for second-hand shopping at its finest. It won’t even take you that long to find one or two rare designer pieces.
If you love all things black, you need to head to DSTM – the label offers extremely tasteful bodywear and lingerie.
Or take a look at the very famous label lala Berlin.


If you’ve got some energy left after all this eating, shopping and bar hopping, the area around Torstraße is also a must for artists and art lovers.

For a start, you can pop into  Galerie Neu, which represents well-known contemporary artists such as Kai Althoff, Cosima von Bonin, Tom Burr and Merlin Carpenter.
You can follow that up with a visit to  Galerie Neugerriemschneider, which recently exhibited works from Olafur Eliasson, who works impressively at the interface between the natural sciences and art.
Also well worth a mention: the magazine and book store do you read me?!, whose shelves are jam-packed with the best of art, architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle.
And, when it comes to major, Berlin-wide artistic events such as Art Week and Gallery Weekend, the area around Torstraße and Rosenthaler Platz is always at the center of the action.

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