Beautiful in many ways

As the name suggests, Schöneberg is "schön", meaning beautiful – beautifully diverse, beautifully central, with beautiful variety; quite simply, a beautiful place to live. It has left its wild years behind, and although the West Berlin district of Schöneberg is now more settled, its multifaceted character remains. Its many different neighborhoods vary greatly with a metropolitan vibe around Tauentzien- and Kurfürstenstrasse, while the area in the west and south of Schöneberg, around Bayerischer Platz and Rathaus Schöneberg, enjoys a more sedate pace of life.

Albert Einstein once lived in the Bavarian Quarter, with façades originally built in the southern German Renaissance style. David Bowie was another enthusiastic Schöneberg fan and lived on Hauptstrasse for many years. And who could forget John F. Kennedy moving "ich bin ein Berliner" speech in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall?

Schöneberg is also famous for being home to Europe’s largest department store: the Kaufhaus des Westens. Since it opened in 1907, the KaDeWe has been a symbol of luxury, and hardly a Berlin visitor leaves the city without enjoying a more or less extended visit to the world-famous department store.

Schöneberg's residents are every bit as colorful as the district itself. People from a hugely diverse range of cultural backgrounds meet here, take a stroll across the popular weekly markets, stop at the countless cafés, bars and restaurants, especially those around the popular square, Winterfeldtplatz.  The numerous shopping and leisure opportunities, in combination with a variety of small shops and a wide range of cafés and restaurants, characterize the streets and account for Schöneberg’s popularity. Between Fuggerstrasse and Goltzstrasse in particular, the choice is huge, and the area is buzzing with life.

Schöneberg is also known for its varied streetscape, a mix of beautiful Wilhelminian era and Art Nouveau properties, buildings from the 1920s and 1950s and social housing. Residential areas in the east of the district are simple while in the west and south, things are more stylish and quiet. As in every other area, here, too, Schöneberg is hugely diverse with something for everyone.