Hafenpark Quartier and the Future of Living: Interview with the architect Hadi Teherani

When you think of Hamburg, you might think of the Beatles, who sang “Here Comes The Sun.” And that’s just what happened when we interviewed the architect and designer Hadi Teherani in glaring sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures. It’s safe to say that we all ended up feeling the heat during our session filming in his glazed-in Hamburg office. Despite being better known for its rain, the Hanseatic city was bathed in sunshine all day. Still, despite the challenging conditions, we’re really happy with the end result.

Hadi Teherani is perhaps best known as the visionary architect behind the Kranhäuser in Cologne and the Tanzenden Türme (Englisch: Dancing Towers) and Dockland in Hamburg. Just recently, he was awarded the Federal Republic of Germany’s Order of Merit and the Iconic Award for the Mercator One office and business complex in Duisburg. Apart from being an architect, he is also a product designer and interior architect. A holistic design approach is important to him: “In terms of atmosphere, urban landscapes, architecture, interior design and product design are inseparable,” says Hadi Teherani.

This was also his philosophy in his designs for the Hafenpark Quarter (HPQ) in Frankfurt’s Ostend district, which will be a new landmark development on the banks of the Main River, just moments from the European Central Bank’s headquarters. When approaching the project, he was determined to tap into the site’s unique views of the river and the Frankfurt skyline. Teherani describes the lifestyle in Hafenpark Quarter as the perfect mixture of urban and rural. On one side, the city’s impressive skyline. On the other, the expansive meadows that run parallel to the river and the views of the low, forested Taunus mountains in the distance. In the words of Hadi Teherani: “This location gives me everything I want.” And it is a combination that the architect also appreciates in relation to his own home. There is nothing that can beat unobstructed views when it comes to getting the energy flowing freely and maintaining a zest for life.

Then there are the many green spaces in HPQ, which offer plenty of opportunities to reconnect with nature, even in such an urban setting. There’s certainly no better place to relax on the way home after a long, hard day at the office. HPQ satisfies a wide range of needs with a variety of places to live, ranging from apartments to townhouses to penthouses with skyline views. In addition, the new quarter offers an attractive selection of amenities right on the doorstep. Construction is progressing very quickly and the topping-out ceremony was recently celebrated.

And where would Hadi Teherani most like to live in HPQ if he had his choice? He can’t help from grinning: “I try to design every building so that even the remotest space is so good that I would love to move in myself.”

Watch our video to see what else the architect had to say about HPQ, his sources of inspiration, urban development, and the housing of the future. For us, it was certainly an honor and a great pleasure to meet Hadi Teherani.

Learn more about condominiums in Hafenpark Quarter: https://residential.jll.de/en/developments-hafenparkquartier 

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