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Investment in new construction still pays off

Mar 02, 2020

Law on Rent Limitation in Housing in Berlin (MietenWoG Bln) is the somewhat unwieldy translation of the official title of the new law, more commonly referred to as the Berlin Rent Cap, which was passed by the Berlin Senate on January 30, 2020. The rent cap has made headlines across Germany – and worldwide. In fact, it was even the subject of a recent report in The New York Times. Whether the law will actually help relieve Berlin’s rental market is a subject of heated discussion.


An exciting new urban quarter comes to life

Oct 10, 2019

10,000 new residents and more than 30,000 jobs in an area the size of 160 football pitches, Frankfurt’s Europaviertel is among the world’s largest and most impressive urban developments. In combination with outstanding accessibility and transport connections, Europaviertel has already established itself as an ideal location for companies and investors in the heart of Frankfurt.


Worldwide consulting: Easy access to German market

May 13, 2019

Beijing, Istanbul and soon Moscow: This is just a small selection of the cities the JLL Residential Team has already visited around the world. Our international events have a very clear focus: “Why does it make sense to invest in German condominiums and how does the purchasing process work from abroad?” - One day at our real estate event abroad.


The best locations in Germany’s fashion metropolis

Nov 09, 2018

Altbier, Karneval und die bekannte Einkaufsstraße Königsallee: Die nordrhein-westfälische Landeshauptstadt hat viele Facetten. In der Heimat des Dichters Heinrich Heine lässt sich Kultur genießen und Zeit im Grünen verbringen. Nicht umsonst wird Düsseldorf regelmäßig unter die lebenswertesten Städte der Welt gewählt. In vielen Vierteln der Rhein-Metropole herrscht eine besonders hohe Wohnqualität. Wir liefern einen Überblick über die Top-Lagen.


The top residential locations in the Free and Hanseatic City

Sep 14, 2018

According to the old saying, there’s no more beautiful gray sky than a Hamburg gray sky. While that might be a question of opinion, there’s one thing no one can argue about: Hamburg is among the world’s most livable cities. It’s no secret that Hamburg has a great deal to offer. It’s close to the sea, the Elbe and Alster rivers, it has several major employers and a unique cultural scene. It’s no coincidence that the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is home to more millionaires than any other city in Germany. At the last count, there were 42,000. Nevertheless, it’s clear that not every part of the city offers the same quality of upscale living.