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Torstrasse: Melting pot of art, dining and retail therapy

Oct 23, 2020

It is difficult to capture the energy of the area around Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte in words: the impressions are so varied, the possibilities so exciting. Torstraße has everything that makes Berlin one of the world’s most colorful and innovative metropolises: a wild mixture of art, culture and culinary delights, lively plazas and quiet parks, buildings new and old, vibrant shops and a bustling start-up scene.


AM TACHELES: Five amazing details about the history of the site in Berlin-Mitte

Oct 08, 2020

You have almost certainly heard the saying that claims “a cat has nine lives.” Well, you could probably say the same for the area around what used to be the Kunsthaus Tacheles art center at the intersection of Friedrichstraße and Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin-Mitte. In fact, the site has already enjoyed nine lives: as the Friedrichstraßenpassage department store, as a show room and House of Technology by the electrical company AEG, as a prison, as a school for artists, as the headquarters of the Free German Trade Union Federation, as a dance school, as a nightclub, as a cinema, and finally as an art center. Now, the site is about to embark on its tenth life as a new urban quarter.


Maisonette: Living on two levels

Aug 18, 2020

Intelligently designed floor plans with a real house-in-house feeling: that’s what maisonette apartments offer. But what exactly is a maisonette and who do they most appeal to?


The perfect symbiosis of neighborhood charm, nature and vibrant city life

May 07, 2020

Berlin-Alt-Treptow is in the best of company: Along the southern banks of the Spree River, Alt-Treptow rubs shoulders with three of Berlin’s most sought-after and pulsating districts – Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln. Situated at the heart of this neighborhood triangle, Alt-Treptow has emerged as one of Berlin’s most popular residential districts. This is where vibrant city life and verdant idyll come together to form a perfect symbiosis.


At the intersection of history and innovation, where upscale meets urban

Apr 23, 2020

Penthouses Berlin-Mitte is set against an extraordinary backdrop. This is where the turbulence of the past meets the challenges of the present and an exciting vision of the future. What was once a no man’s land in the shadow of the Berlin Wall is today an upscale residential neighborhood, setting new standards of comfort and quality.