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Residential Real Estate in Germanylong-term financial security and capital gain


Germany is the largest European economy and by far the largest residential buy-to-let investment market in Europe. A safe and stable haven for global capital, Germany offers investors a solid economic and political environment that is highly attractive to both domestic and international buyers. Over the past years, we have witnessed an increasing demand from national and international investors in German residential properties. They are being attracted by the secular trends of urbanization, a stable economic environment and well-established residential market serving owners and tenants.

Offering long-term financial security and capital gain, Germany continues to be one of the top choices of where to invest global capital. “Made in Germany” has been recognized for decades as a seal of quality. Still valid today, buyers expect a certain type of quality – not only in goods but also in investments.

JLL Residential is a German real estate firm with headquarters in Berlin and a focus on selling high-end residential properties in the top urban cities of Germany. With over 25 years of experience in the residential real estate market, we deal with clients from all corners of the globe in catering equally to the demands of both the substantial investor as well as discerning individuals looking for high-end living possibilities in Germany’s top real estate markets.



Unbeatable Conditions

In 2010 real estate investors were paying 4.25% interest on 10-year, fixed-rate mortgages in Germany. Today, banks are offering rates of between 1.55% and 1.65%, depending on a buyer’s credit rating.


With mortgage rates historically low, this is the perfect opportunity to boost your retirement income with a sound investment in an apartment in Berlin. Whichever way you look at it, there has never been a better (or more affordable) time to buy an apartment in Berlin.

Excellent Destination for Investmentvariety of opportunities and competitive occupational costs

  • Germany has the highest GDP and largest population in Europe, with four cities having a population of greater than 1 million.


  • Premium infrastructure. Germany is Europe’s number one logistics market. An excellent transportation and communications network assures just-in-time delivery.


  • Germany has nine major international airports: Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Hannover and Stuttgart.


  • Germany has highly developed economic and political legislation, providing the legal framework required to protect investments.


  • Germany is one of the top three global exporters (alongside China and the US). This supply-side strength is one of the main drivers in making Germany on of the leading destinations for international investors.


  • Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and worldwide. Alongside this, Germany benefits from an excellent standard of workforce, due to the quality of education and vocational training and available.


  • The renewable energy sector in Germany is the most innovative and successful in the world.


  • Liquid markets. Owing to Germany’s federal structure, it has many strong cities; this variety brings with it opportunities for diversification (there are 70 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants).



With 25 years’ experience in the exclusive marketing of premium real estate we are the leading specialist for the sale of freehold apartments directly from the project developer.

• Sales advice in 15 languages
• An established network of banks, independent financial brokers and solicitors
• Service worldwide: With more than 300 offices in over 80 countries JLL provides its clients with an international network that has exceptional coverage and presence 
• “All-in” package including rental, facility, concierge and furnishing services


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