The best locations in the financial metropolis

Frankfurt: The best locations in the financial metropolis

Frankfurt is known for its airport, its leading role in the global financial sector and for one of Germany’s most impressive skylines, which has prompted people to refer to this Hessian city as Mainhattan. As a major center for banks and other financial sector companies, real estate in Frankfurt is understandably expensive. In Germany as a whole, only Munich has higher real estate prices. But where in Frankfurt is it worth investing?

Essentially, most of Frankfurt’s more desirable districts are concentrated on the north side of the Main River. In the south, the district of Sachsenhausen, with its Museum Embankment and the old town of Alt-Sachsenhausener, is worthy of mention. In the north, districts such as Gallus, the railway station district, Bockenheim and Bornheim, are among the top locations, bordering the city center and the old town. There are many cultural highlights including the Alte Oper, the banking district and Kaiserdom. However, the three “ends” of Frankfurt are the most intriguing for investors.

The three “ends” of Frankfurt

Ostend, Westend und Nordend – these three city districts are among the best locations in Frankfurt. Nordend is particularly popular with young people, where rents are high by German standards but still comparatively moderate for Frankfurt. The district’s younger population makes Nordend, with its many trendy bars and restaurants, a lively destination. Westend is also enlivened by many restaurants and cafés. However, like the entire quarter, these are somewhat quieter, more exclusive and cater to a more affluent target group. Here, you can expect to pay top price, especially around the university and the botanical garden. Westend is characterized by magnificent, old buildings and exciting new developments such as Grand Ouest, where the former regional post directorate is being converted into a high-quality residential building. For those more interested in newer architecture and modern urban planning, Europaviertel is probably Frankfurt’s most attractive quarter.


Since 2005, an entirely new quarter has been developing in Frankfurt’s Gallus district, boasting a central location and exciting new developments. One such development is Grand Tower, the tallest residential tower in Germany. And Eden, a residential tower, confirms that the image of the high-rise has evolved. This is where exclusive apartments are being built in an environment that reflects the latest trends in urban planning. Especially in Frankfurt, a city in which many international bankers, lawyers and entrepreneurs work from project to project, the concept of service takes on special significance. For example, many new developments include concierges among their standard services. Another popular property type is the micro-apartment, which, instead of offering a large number of square meters, entices residents with exclusive facilities and access to a host of services, such as an in-house fitness studio or cinema.