Simple & suitable for any balcony: Create a little piece of paradise with these plants

A balcony is beautiful, a balcony full of plants is even more beautiful. Is that too much work for you? You are afraid that the plants will die immediately if you don't take care of them every day? We can take away these concerns. With our tips, you can create a piece of paradise on your balcony without much effort. The only thing that matters when choosing the right plants is the orientation of your balcony.

Full sun: plants for the south balcony

Geraniums, which tolerate full sun well and require comparatively little water, are particularly suitable for south-facing balconies. They bloom from May into fall and there are standing and hanging varieties that combine well. Also very hardy is the magic lily, which blooms very abundantly and is one of the hardiest balcony plants without requiring much care. For those who prefer yellow flowers, the two-toothed or gold maria is very well advised. This plant also unfolds its bright yellow flowers from May to October at best.


Partial shade to shade: plants for the east or north balcony.

For a balcony in partial shade, facing east or north, the above plants are also suitable, but their flowering will be less vigorous. For shadier balconies, the busy lily, which comes in red, purple, white, rose, pink and orange, is more suitable. It shows its bright flowers from May to October. The popular fuchsia or male chaff also do well with rather shadier places.


The surrounding: the right soil and containers.

When choosing the soil, normal potting soil is sufficient. As a container are suitable classic balcony boxes or other vessels, here there is no limit to personal taste. Noble materials such as stainless steel or natural wood make the balcony box a design object. Boring and cheap vessels made of plastic are a thing of the past. The main thing is stable and securely fastened.

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