Services for Developers

Individual Services for your Project Development

Decide for yourself which modules are important for your sales success. Some project developers only choose the core element of our sales services. Others value our additional modules and consultancy services for optimizing and marketing their projects, which provide support from as early as the planning phase.

Core sales services

  • Sales
    Our core competence: Sales, down to the very last unit
  • Marketing & sales strategy
    Development of specific measures for acquiring customers
  • After-sales service
    Furnishing, renting, concierge service, property management
  • Process management
    Reporting and forecasts for sales success

Marketing your projects online, both globally and locally in the target markets


Optional service upgrades

  • Land acquisition
    Research, evaluation, and procurement of suitable lots
  • Architect selection & briefing
    Architect’s pitch, briefing on floor plans, communal areas, and building design
  • SWOT analysis
    Analysis of the property and location for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Competition analysis
    Analysis of competition in terms of price structure, product concept, and positioning
  • Target group definition
    Identifying and weighting possible buyer groups
  • Product design
    Advice on floor plans, communal areas, and outdoor facilities
  • Sales price analysis
    Market-oriented assessment and determination of purchase prices
  • Product branding
    Development of guiding principles, positioning, product names, logo, and graphic concept
  • Notarial documentation
    Advice on purchase agreements, declarations of division, and building specifications
  • Marketing materials
    Creation of high-quality visualizations, brochures, websites, and other marketing media
  • Press work
    Management of product PR, press releases, and conferences

Customizable services for the planning, implementation, and marketing of your projects