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Secret Capital of Germany

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Apartments for Sale in Frankfurt am Main

Apartments for Sale in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is rightly regarded as one of Europe’s wealthiest and most productive cities. It is also frequently referred to as the secret capital of Germany. As the home of the European Central Bank (ECB), a host of major international banks and the German Stock Exchange, the metropolis on the Main River is a world-famous international financial hub whose fame has spread far beyond the borders of Germany. The city’s financial sector is also a major employer, providing jobs for more than 400,000 people. Thanks to its prime location in the heart of Europe, and its international connections via one of the continent’s largest airports, Frankfurt has also established itself among international companies as a major economic powerhouse. In 2017 alone, Frankfurt International Airport handled 64.5 million passengers and 2.2 million tons of air freight. In addition, Frankfurt’s Exhibition Center hosts major international events, such as the Book Fair, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

City of Contrasts

City of Contrasts

Frankfurt’s cityscape is characterized by contrasts: Some districts radiate historical charm with their magnificent, Wilhelminian-style apartment buildings, while the financial center, replete with ultra-modern, high-rise architecture and an impressive skyline, certainly lives up to its nickname of “Mainhattan.” Frankfurt is certainly an attractive place to live and work, combining a wide range of cultural attractions, including more than 60 museums, with an extremely buoyant economy. The metropolis on the Main River is also home to more than 75,000 students at ten universities and colleges. Then there’s the Zeil shopping street, one of the most prestigious and highly-frequented shopping hotspots in the whole of Germany. Frankfurt is equally difficult to beat for delicious food. There are simply so many restaurants and cafés, including 11 Michelin Star restaurants, waiting to quicken the pulses (and satisfy the appetites) of even the most sophisticated diners.

Surging Demand for Apartments

Surging Demand for Apartments

The city’s strong appeal is reflected in its population growth figures: Of Germany’s Big 8 cities, Frankfurt has one of the strongest population growth rates. The city is forecast to gain up to 15,000 new inhabitants per year, and demand for residential real estate is correspondingly high. We offer owner-occupiers and investors a selection of the most attractive apartments and penthouses for sale in the best locations in Frankfurt. Such strong demand for apartments for sale comes as no surprise. After all, Frankfurt ranks 4th in PwC’s most recent list of Europe’s most attractive cities – ahead of Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid.

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