Aug 15, 2014

Zabel Property attends conference in China

Bank of China regularly organizes conferences in various cities of the People's Republic. Selected customers are being invited in order to be informed about new products, services and investment opportunities. As an exclusive partner of Bank of China Berlin, the Zabel Property Group had the opportunity of participating in these conferences this spring, presenting Berlin as a potential real estate investment market and introducing the company's products and services.

During various events and workshops in Beijing and Chengdu, around 500 customers of Bank of China as well as numerous private wealth managers were informed in detail about investment opportunities and attractive real estate in Berlin. Participants did not only have the opportunity of benefitting of Mrs. Jie Li's (Property Consultant at the Zabel Property Group) expertise from a commercial point of view, but also from Mrs. Shuji Zhengs know-how concerning legal issues such as the buying process or immigration to Germany. Shuji Zheng works as a lawyer in Berlin and works with the Zabel Property Group in order to offer the best possible advice to Chinese customers.

Peter Rabitz, Director of Premium Real Estate, also represented the company during the trip, drawing a positive conclusion: "Seeing that Berlin has become that popular for Chinese buyers is really interesting. Germany's reputation is quite positive - not only because of the relatively low price level in Berlin, but also because of its stable economy. During the time we spent in China, we had the opportunity to specifically address prospective clients and thereby develop and maintain contacts. At the same time, we were able to speak with private wealth managers and explain why Berlin is such an interesting investment location."

The focus of this trip was also to maintain contacts with Chinese sales partners. As a member of various prestigious real estate networks and due to the international focus of the company and successful networking, the Zabel Property Group has been benefiting of worldwide cooperations with business partners for years.

In recent years, Berlin has become a popular location for Chinese. In addition to the stable economy, the affordable prices in the German capital are one of the main reasons why many Chinese prefer investing in Berlin instead of i.e. Beijing, the USA or UK. Germany has become a successful secondary market. This contributes to Berlin's good reputation - as well as the flourishing IT and start-up scene.