Dec 16, 2015

Zabel donates 25,000 Euros to 'Berliner Herz'

This Christmas, Zabel Property has donated €25,000 to the Berliner Herz children's hospice, a voluntary organization offering both daytime and nighttime care. Our donation will make a major contribution to the further expansion of this facility, which was opened in March 2015. Since there are approximately 1,500 children, teenagers and young adults living with a terminal illness in Berlin and the surrounding area alone, the Berliner Herz facility - which is unique in Germany - has taken on the task of supporting these children and their families. Until now, parents in such situations have had to decide whether to put their children into full inpatient care or look after them at home with their families around them - a choice that often poses a terrible dilemma for them as home care can be extremely time-consuming and draining. This gap in healthcare provision is now being covered by the volunteers at the hospice, who also offer the possibility of short-term, around-the-clock inpatient care - giving the parents a break and enabling them to keep their loved ones at home with them.


All further contributions will be gratefully received by the carers and children!

donation account:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
account number: 3136460
bank code: 100 20 500
IBAN: DE43100205000003136460