Services for Owner

High-end real estate has been our business for around 25 years now. Using our considerable expertise, finesse, and skill, we provide premium properties in the top urban cities of Germany to clients from all corners of the world. 

For property owners looking to sell their property, Zabel Property is your reliable partner. We take care of all aspects of the professional handling of your sale. Following a valuation by our experienced team, based on their extensive and longstanding knowledge of the market, we compile a feasibility analysis. Then, we develop a marketing concept tailored to the property and guarantee a targeted, international sales pitch. With our many years of experience in the sales of premium real estate, our extensive and proven network, as well as our presence on various national and international property portals, we're sure to find the right buyer. 

For owners who no longer wish to stay in the property they purchased through us, but who aren’t yet ready to sell, our serviced living concept provides a viable alternative. As necessary, we fit the apartment to a high standard down to the very last detail and coordinate all details of the rental. In the owners' interests, our focus is on short-term leases of between three and twelve months. This means owners have the option to adjust the rent after every period to reflect the current market rates or to spend some time in their apartment themselves and enjoy our services first hand. For further information on this service, please visit the Serviced Living Concept section.