Lifestyle: It’s all about Houzz

Lifestyle: It’s all about Houzz

When we are looking for interior design inspiration, we often spend hours scrolling through Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds or flicking through the pages of exclusive interior design magazines. There’s almost no limit to the multitude of creative ideas out there. However, we are often left wondering: What would this look like in my own four walls? Houzz, an online platform for home owners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals, not only offers beautiful home photos to spark your creativity, it also helps you find the best all-round service providers and advice.

Over 16 million professional quality photos serve as a source of inspiration, as do the many thematically relevant articles. These photos and texts are submitted by a host of experts, such as interior designers and landscape architects. And, if you like an idea, the right specialist is just a mouse click away, waiting to help you turn your dreams into reality.

The secret of success: Expertise

Only home-improvement professionals can post images, which ensures a high-quality standard. There are no shaky private snapshots taken with a mobile phone camera on this portal. Houzz combines the exclusivity of a magazine with the diversity of a social network.

From its origins as a private project in the USA, Houzz has become what it claims is the world’s largest platform for interior design, architecture and living. Around 40 million users in 14 countries use the platform each month. More than 2.1 million professionals offer the site’s users their services to remodel and furnish their homes.

Houzz also has a large community of users who are looking for the perfect way to furnish their nests. Houzz’s German-language forum now contains over 6,000 posts where users exchange ideas on topics such as the right choice of colour for the bedroom, tips on bathroom design or innovative lighting ideas.

Follow your style

Houzz is not only interesting for anyone who is planning a major change or a move into a new apartment. You can also find the right inspiration for all types of small furnishings and the latest decoration tips. If, like us, you love stylish and contemporary furnishings, you are always on the lookout for new trends that match the style of your own home.

On Houzz, photos can be filtered by room, such as kitchen or bedroom, or by style. Often the underlying style of your apartment will already determine which type of furnishing will fit best. In an industrial-style loft, for example, it wouldn’t make much sense to go for a country house style. When you use Houzz, it definitely makes sense to filter your search results, otherwise you might not find the right inspiration for your own four walls among the flood of pictures.