Nov 09, 2016

International Roadshow in the Middle East and Asia: Immediate Sales Successes

Property buyers are seeking out Germany as an investment location – and all the more when attractive opportunities beckon. On this occasion, we presented Grand Tower, Germany’s tallest residential building, to a total of 1,000 guests in seven cities in the Middle East and Asia during October and November  – and they were certainly impressed. Many of the guests signed purchase orders for one or even several apartments, which were directly notarized, right there at the location.

The roadshow kicked off in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Kuwait City (Kuwait) and Doha (Qatar). From the Middle East, we continued to Asia, after taking a short breather. Hong Kong launched the second phase of our roadshow, followed by Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and the city state of Singapore; the presentation in Shanghai (China) on 12 and 13 November concluded this series of events.

The basis of our sales success was the compelling concept of our roadshows. Together with experienced partners, we presented the project, directly and in the presence of potential investors and owner-occupiers, showing them exactly how to purchase property in Germany. We offered a comprehensive service that enabled the property purchase to be completed conveniently, even from abroad.

In addition to our great sales success, we were very pleased with the interest our roadshow garnered from local and regional media. In Kuwait, for example, the television channel, Al Shahed, and the news channel, Arab News, as well as the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, reported on our roadshow for international buyers.


Event in Shanghai

Article in Al-Quabas