Greater comfort in a small space

Working life is becoming ever more fast-paced and decentralized: London today, Amsterdam next month, and maybe Berlin for the new project? The German capital is definitely well prepared to welcome new arrivals. Modern micro-apartments, such as those in the Lehrter Straße, offer international buyers a comfortable living space with intelligent floor plans.

A short-term apartment rather than a hotel?

Many companies now rely on project-based work. Highly qualified employees are deployed around the world, for a few months at a time, before being redeployed elsewhere. However, what may be ideal in terms of working practices can be problematic when it comes to accommodation – especially if not enough flexible living space is available. Hotel rooms are not exactly suited to assignments that stretch over a number of months. They can be expensive, anonymous and don’t offer enough privacy. But a traditional apartment lease will often stipulate a minimum rental term. And then there’s the time-consuming relocation planning, along with the new furniture or appliances that are needed. The solution: Short-term, luxuriously furnished and comfortable micro-apartments with optimal floor plans. These apartments combine the comfort of living within your own four walls with a high degree of contractual flexibility. Equipped with sliding walls and mobile room elements, such as shelving and even extendable glass oriels, they are perfect proof of the fact that a high quality of life can be created in a small space. And residents don’t have to go without the amenities typically provided by a hotel – an attractive catalog of services is usually included in the fee.


Residential Tower in Lehrter Straße is a pioneer

A joint project from Zabel Property AG and the Groth Gruppe in Berlin-Mitte will soon be setting new standards. Comprising a base building and a 17-storey residential tower, the Lehrter Straße is currently under construction and will boast 266 micro-apartment condominiums, which have been tailored to the needs of an international buyers group. The apartments are being developed in three size variations from 21 to 42 square meters, and will be fully-furnished, equipped with all bathroom fixtures and fitted kitchens. Alongside the living space, the development also includes a bookable meeting room and co-working spaces, and has been specifically conceived to cater to both German and non-German speaking tenants. Whether there is a delivery to be signed for or something that needs to be arranged – at no extra cost, an English-speaking concierge will stand ready to serve the building’s residents. And this new residential concept delivers more than just superior comfort for international buyers. Thanks to the high level of demand for micro-apartments, it also represents an attractive investment alternative, offering stable yield potentials.



Pictures and picture credits:

Title: Non-binding visualisation of the skyscraper in the Lehrter Straße  © Zabel Property

Left: Non-binding visualisation of the skyscraper in the Lehrter Straße  © Zabel Property