Furnished, short-term apartmentsRenting service for investors and owner-occupiers

If you have bought a condominium as an investment vehicle, or even if you are an owner-occupier who will be vacating your apartment for an extended period of time, you can take advantage of our Serviced Living concept. We support property owners who are looking for an uncomplicated way to rent the apartments they have purchased.

In close collaboration with our buyers, we work with renowned interior designers to furnish the apartments to the highest standards of home comfort – including target-group specific design consultations. Once this is taken care of, we coordinate apartment rentals on behalf of the condominium’s owner. Our Serviced Living concept also means that you don’t have to bother with issues such as scheduled maintenance or cleaning, and we even manage the concierge service. In practical terms, this means that furnished apartments can be rented on short-term leases of between 3 and 12 months, as an alternative to hotels.

Even before construction of your condominium is finished, we can negotiate and oversee the conclusion of a general lease agreement with local companies. This enables us to ensure continuous occupation while also retaining maximum flexibility for the property’s owner.

Benefits for property owners

Property owners benefit from optimum added value with minimum organizational effort. Short-term “business-to-business” leases are the ideal solution for companies who want an alternative to hotel accommodation, or for employees working on a short-term project in the city. The short-term nature of these leases allows property owners to adjust the rent they charge at regular intervals, ensuring that they keep up with current rental market developments. This flexibility means that they can also occupy the apartment themselves if they decide to spend some time in Berlin and want to experience the benefits of our services for themselves.

Benefits for tenants

Our Serviced Living concept also delivers substantial benefits to tenants. Anyone who is new to the city and wants to allow themselves time to find their dream apartment can take full advantage of our short-term leases. With one of our luxurious, fully-furnished apartments, you have all the added benefits of privacy and home comfort, at a price that is more affordable than an extended stay in a hotel.


A sample of our services

  • Personalized design consultations
  • Furnishing service, including brandname fitted kitchen
  • Full service delivered by competent and experienced partners
  • Implementation of contracts
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Concierge service


At a glance: The benefits

  • Stable yields
  • Minimal organizational effort
  • Flexibility
  • Services and convenience for tenants
  • Extremely high demand