Frankfurt‘s new hot spot

Anyone who has ever strolled along the banks of the Main River knows: Frankfurt is special. Between the skyline of skyscrapers and the idyllic half-timbered homes, you can sense the atmosphere of Europe’s true financial capital – a status that could well be consolidated starting next year. As Great Britain prepares for its planned exit from the EU, the first London banks are already planning to move to Germany’s “Mainhattan.” Frankfurt may well get a little crowded in the near future. A new international city quarter is emerging in the heart of the city and it’s perfectly named – the Europaviertel.

Multifaceted and vibrant

Over the last ten years, construction has continued unabated on the site of Frankfurt’s former main rail freight station. In 2019 construction of the new quarter is expected to be close to completion. Then more than 13,000 people will work and live in the Europaviertel. The first pioneers have already put down stakes in the new city quarter: restaurants, schools and day care centers, along with local shops, are filling the quarter with life. But this is just a small taste of what is yet to come.

The new highlights: Skyline Plaza, Grand Tower, Europagarten

The quarter is composed of individual parts, like a mosaic. Skyline Plaza, one of Germany’s most incredible shopping centers – not only from an architectural perspective – opened its doors in 2013. In addition to 170 shops, it has a whole floor dedicated to offering a wide range of spa and wellness treatments. Right across from the Skyline Plaza, the Grand Tower, Germany’s tallest residential tower at 172 meters, is being built. Future residents can enjoy the spectacular view over the entire Europaviertel from the terrace on the 43rd floor. And there will also be plenty of nature. The six-hectare Europagarten will provide a quiet place for taking a leisurely stroll and relaxing.

Education guaranteed

The Europaviertel is designed as a place for families. More than 130 international architecture firms entered the competition to design a school and day care center complex. It was Stuttgart-based “Dasch Zürn Architekten,” with its equally attractive and efficient proposal, that most impressed the renowned jury of urban planners and educational professionals. This lays the foundation for the future of the youngest residents at the site of the former railway station. Frankfurt will soon need this extra infrastructure, so that bank employees won’t only experience their new surroundings as an ideal place to work, but also as the perfect place for their families to feel at home in the metropolis on the Main. 


Pictures and picture credits:

Title: Frankfurt © Zabel Property

01: Europaviertel © Roman Gerike

02: Nonbinding visualisation of Grand Tower © Zabel Property