Europacity Berlin
City in the City

Europacity Berlin - City in the City

If you approach Berlin’s central train station from the north, you might not know it, but you are driving through one of the largest construction sites in Germany, through this area where Berlin’s new Europacity quarter is being built. Some people have already christened it a city within a city.

And they’re right: This development is the embodiment of Berlin’s rapid economic upswing and dynamism. Architects, developers and investors from all over the world are transforming what was a wasteland, a former industrial heartland that has been forgotten for decades, into an unprecedented hymn to urbanity. It’s almost as if Berlin is completely reinventing itself once again.

The diversity of properties being developed in this new district will reshape Berlin’s cityscape. The huge development area stretches about one and a half kilometers from the northern harbor via the main train station to the Spree River at Washingtonplatz. A small bridge over the Spree leads directly to the Reichstag and the Federal Chancellery. Another striking building, Cube Berlin, is being developed at the southern end of the Europe Centre. Once completed, this futuristic-looking glass building will offer inviting, open space for open-minded companies.

The quarter’s eastern flank will be dominated by waterfront living. Terraces and large windows will provide unique views of one of the Spree River’s quiet tributaries. This singular location in the heart of Berlin is perfect for high-quality living, close to the German parliament, the Chancellery and the capital’s magnificent cultural institutions.

If it’s culture you are looking for, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin’s premier destination for internationally renowned art exhibitions and collections, is no more than a stone’s throw away. Or you could head over to Kunstcampus, which has just been completed nearby. This elegant new riverside building boasts a fascinating glass facade and a spacious urban plaza, combining luxurious living with convenient access to welcoming restaurants and the nearby offices of international companies and start-ups.

Berlin’s upswing is characterized by a spirit of innovation that is unrivaled by almost every other city in Europe. This spirit of optimism, coupled with real estate prices that are still affordable by international standards, is already ensuring that there’s no chance of Europacity becoming a ghost town. Investment is still pouring into the new quarter. New apartments and offices are attracting owner-occupiers and investors who are interested in attractive residential complexes and apartments in a prime city location where business and living quality complement each other perfectly. These unique qualities are also attracting growing numbers of foreign investors who have recognized the great potential in Berlin, particularly as a result of the city’s continuous growth over recent years. Berlin’s new Europacity quarter, covering an area equivalent to more than 90 football pitches, is scheduled for completion in the next few years. By then, around 8,600 people will have found their new homes here in more than 4,300 apartments.