The best locations in Germany’s fashion metropolis

The best locations in Germany’s fashion metropolis

The capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has many attractions. The city is home to Altbier, Germany’s biggest carnival and the country’s busiest upscale shopping street, Königsallee. Düsseldorf, as the birthplace of one of Germany’s most famous poets, Heinrich Heine, is also a major cultural center, and for anyone who likes to relax in green surroundings, the countryside is never far away. It’s no surprise that Düsseldorf regularly appears towards the top of lists of the world’s most livable cities. And this metropolis on the Rhine boasts a number of districts and neighborhoods that are particularly famous for their high quality of living. Read on to find out more about Düsseldorf’s best residential locations.

Exclusive northern quarter

If you like living your life one step removed from the hustle and bustle of big city life, then Düsseldorf’s northern districts are exactly what you are looking for. Replete with tasteful villas and magnificent single-family houses, this is the city at its greenest. Some of the northern districts, for example Kaiserswerth and Wittlaer, almost have a village-like character. Then there’s Düsseltal, Grafenberg and Golzheim, which might be more central, but are in no way lacking in nobility. If you are looking for Düsseldorf’s finest addresses, you’ll certainly find many of them here.

Japanese charm on the far side of the Rhine

On the opposite side of the Rhine, the districts of Oberkassel and Niederkassel have developed into truly upscale neighborhoods: Oberkassel is now regarded as Düsseldorf’s most expensive residential district and properties with unobstructed views of the Rhine are particularly sought after. What’s more, the two districts are also extremely popular among Düsseldorf's large Japanese community. Life in Oberkassel and Niederkassel has so much to offer: a central location, close to the Rhine and surrounded by elegant Art Nouveau architectural treasures.

In the heart of the city: Altstadt, Stadtmitte and Carlstadt

Anyone who wants to live centrally should make a beeline for Düsseldorf’s Altstadt (old town), Stadtmitte (city center) or Carlstadt districts, where the Rhine flows in front of your door and you are never far from the shops in the historic old town or lining Königsallee. Düsseldorf’s old town is also famous for its nightlife and is known as the “longest bar in the world.” Stroll through Altstadt, the smallest of Düsseldorf's districts, and you will soon see why – there’s one bar after another. Central Düsseldorf’s cityscape is characterized by attractively juxtaposed modern office buildings, small alleys and magnificent old buildings. The district’s office buildings are supplemented by some very attractive residential developments, including the Andreas Quartier, which also encompasses the stately old courthouse.

Vibrant new quarter: Mediahafen

Medienhafen (Media Harbor) is already extremely popular for businesses, but residential developments such as Win Win, which comprises two eye-catching residential towers, are also making this an increasingly desirable quarter to live in. It helps that the harbor is right next to a popular and fashionable student neighborhood, Bilk. Unsurprisingly, where there are students, there is also a vibrant nightlife. But that’s by no means all: Medienhafen also features a number of fine dining destinations, bars and cafés. The blend of classic harbor buildings and modern glass architecture creates a singular atmosphere in what was, not all that long ago, a distinctly dull industrial area.

Photo: Win Win - Medienhafen