Company ProfileCustomized Consulting

Zabel Property’s reputation is built on the cornerstones of excellent knowledge of the real estate market, specialized skills, and global expertise. Our international team, speaking 15 languages, provides comprehensive advice to meet the most exacting customer demands.

Our complete 360° service provides our clients with real all-round support, from initial travel planning to the conclusion of the contract. We have a large portfolio of exclusive properties at top locations in German metropolises, allowing us always to find the property that best meets our client's expectations and needs. With our proven network of banks, independent financial brokers, lawyers and notaries, we facilitate swift and simple conclusion of contracts and provide comprehensive advice on specific issues relating to the purchase process or visa requirements in Germany.

For project developers, we cooperate closely with our partners to ensure successful project implementation, from the concept phase to complete marketing. For us, a real estate brokerage means more than simply putting a property on the market. A property should fit its owner like a tailored suit. During the first construction phase in particular, individual needs need to be incorporated into the architect's plans and agreed with the contractor. Here, Zabel Property acts as a mediator between the expectations of sellers and clients and provides well-founded, objective advice.