Apartments for Sale Kreuzberg

Apartments for Sale in Kreuzberg splendid houses with lavishly decorated façades

the MULTICULTural district

Hardly any other district is as diverse, multifaceted and multicultural as Kreuzberg. Cozy street cafes, restaurants, bars and local shops characterize the picturesque Bergmannstrasse neighborhood. In the southwest of the district is the Kreuzberg, a 66-meter-high hill in the middle of Berlin, which shares its name with the district as a whole. It is surrounded by Victoria Park, which is popular with locals and tourists alike for its waterfalls, a wine-growing area and the National Monument to the Liberation Wars. The eastern part of the district is in a state of flux – once a social flashpoint, it is now a trendy hotspot. Popular bars, vibrant market halls and restaurants with a plethora of regional cuisine are valued by local residents. And those who want to escape the hustle and bustle for a moment can stroll along the Paul-Linke canal bank or browse the small open-air market on the opposite Maybach bank while enjoying the idyll of the Landwehr Canal.

Berlin’s CREATIVE center

Hardly any other district in Berlin has as many start-ups as Kreuzberg. Local companies use the slogan “international, different, creative” to attract employees from all over the world to this trendy district. Kreuzberg’s appeal can be attributed to several factors: On the one hand, the central location with excellent infrastructure and connections to local public transport, and on the other hand, the high density of loft spaces, which offer companies plenty of room and a distinctive industrial flair. Kreuzberg’s multiculturalism is also reflected on the job market. People from over 120 nations live and work here and create a unique kaleidoscope of cultures. Creative agencies are particularly popular, attracting more and more young people to Berlin.

condominiums IN KREUZBERG

In Kreuzberg, apartments in older buildings are in great demand. Our properties feature characteristic, light wooden floors and high ceilings. The living rooms boast decorative ceiling molding, traditional wooden double box windows and double doors. Other highlights include balconies, loggias, modernized kitchens and bathrooms.

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