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Apartments for Sale in Dusseldorf

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One of the Most Dynamic and Influential Business Locations

With 601,000 inhabitants and a further 11.6 million inhabitants located within one hour’s drive, Düsseldorf is one of the most dynamic and influential business locations in Germany. Düsseldorf is also a growing city, with a forecasted population growth of 2% per year until 2030 (from 2014). It is also one of the most important German commercial centres, playing a leading role in exporting goods from Germany to foreign trade partners. Due to this strong track record in exporting goods, Düsseldorf has attracted internationally oriented service providers such as banks, insurers, logisticians, media experts and tax consultants. The largest companies include Metro, C&A Fashion, Henkel, Rheinmetall, Vodafone and Demag Cranes.
Furthermore, many international businesses are represented in Düsseldorf such as Fujifilm (Japan), HSBC (UK), L’Oreal (France), TATA Steel (India), Huawei (China) and Statkraft (Norway). Due to this, 40 consulates and 33 foreign chambers of commerce are also based here. Düsseldorf is the state capital of the region North Rhine-Westphalia and is home to all ministries of the provincial government.