Mar 22, 2016

Allyce Kluver at the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® conference in Miami

This year's LeadingRE Conference Week in Miami wasn't just about partying at the event's gala award ceremony on 25 February, it was also about serious work. A series of presentations and seminars examined a range of topics relating to the real estate industry, including the impact of socio- and geopolitical trends, the influence of social media and the evolution of new technologies. The cast of keynote speakers – which included David Gregory, former NBC moderator, and George Blankenship, the mastermind behind Apple Retail Stores and head of worldwide sales for Tesla – was joined by Allyce Kluver, Senior Partnership Manager with Zabel Property. Her high-profile speech in front of a prominent international audience focussed on “Cross Border Referrals” and explained to industry figures exactly how they can make the most of cross border referral networks.

The market for premium real estate is becoming increasingly global. International networks of brokers thus play an ever-greater role in satisfying cross border demand for real estate. This is where Cross Border Referrals come into play: When a potential buyer contacts Zabel and enquires about a property in a market in which Zabel is not directly active, a Partnership Manager steps in and makes contact with a LeadingRE international partner, whose detailed understanding of the target market means they can identify the ideal property for the buyer. This creates a win-win-win situation: The buyer finds their dream property, the LeadingRE partner expands their circle of customers and Zabel Property AG has yet another satisfied client. This is only possible with a network of strong partners, which is exactly what Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® provides.


LeadingRE is a selective community of the world's top brokers, all of whom are specialised in premium real estate. LeadingRE's referral programme facilitates more than 40.000 annual referrals between its members. LRE brokers' real estate combined transactions were worth more than US$250 billion last year – more than any other network.

In her speech, Allyce Kluver shared from her wealth of experience. She explained exactly how incoming and outgoing cross border referrals can be handled by brokers, the cultural differences involved and the best way to optimise communication channels within a global referral network.