Maisonette: Living on two levels

Intelligently designed floor plans with a real house-in-house feeling: that’s what maisonette apartments offer. But what exactly is a maisonette and who do they most appeal to? The term maisonette comes from French and means small house. It refers to an apartment that extends continuously over at least two floors. This can be, for example, on the ground floor and the floor above or in the top two floors of an apartment building. What all variants have in common is that they have a staircase within the apartment. The open staircase design or spiral staircase is often both an eye-catcher and the centerpiece of the apartment. In many maisonette apartments, the upper level is also designed as an open mezzanine, which helps create a particularly impressive feeling of space thanks to the high ceilings in the living area. Apartments on the lower floors also often have separate entrances, which can be reminiscent of the townhouses common in England or North America.

For the self-employed, freelancers and couples

With their structural features, maisonette apartments are particularly suitable for freelancers or couples. The optimal separation of public and private spaces makes it possible for freelancers or the self-employed to work undisturbed from home or to welcome customers and clients. The lower level can be used for customer contact without compromising the privacy of the sleeping quarters. For example, a maisonette apartment would be perfect for a yoga teacher who teaches students at home or offers video streams of yoga classes. Or for couples who both want to create their own personal spaces within their shared apartment. Maisonettes are also ideal for anyone who values a stylish apartment and enjoys receiving guests. After all, the attractive room layout, the lavish feeling of space and the often impressively designed stairs are among the many highlights of this type of apartment.

Match the furniture to the stair design

The staircase is the center of any maisonette apartment. If possible, the furnishings should harmonize with the materials of the staircase. If the staircase is made of wood, the interior design should be appropriately coordinated, as in the case of the French country house chic, where many natural materials such as jute, raffia, knitted fabrics and dried flowers are used in addition to wood. The judicious use of cushion covers in vermilion velvet or a single cocktail chair in sapphire blue can add a welcome splash of color. If the staircase has a minimalist design in metal, the interior design can follow suit. For example, a monochrome industrial style could be the perfect choice. A white sofa, black metal side tables and a carpet with a large-format black and white pattern skillfully set the scene for such a staircase.
In general, when choosing furnishings, it is important to bear in mind that the staircase is the center of the apartment and that it should not be swamped with furniture that is too detailed and overbearing. Clear forms, carefully selected accessories and light wall colors can all be used to enhance the style of a maisonette apartment.

Thinking about the future

Of course, it should be remembered that a maisonette apartment is not barrier-free and is therefore generally unsuitable for senior citizens. If the apartment features an open mezzanine, sound may be an issue and could certainly be a disadvantage for families with children. Anyone who can appreciate these special features will certainly enjoy this unique and impressive form of living for a long time and is sure to love the unique feeling of space in their twin-level maisonette.

Here are some examples of our maisonette apartments:

  • Embassy in Berlin-Mitte: Maisonette apartment with private entrance

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